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KEC Partners

We have established our place as a quality assured clinical learning environment. Our facility has been validated by our education partners and have been validated as a high quality training provider with a focus on ongoing quality improvement against the requirements of HEE’s Quality Framework.


Our Education Centre team are committed to ensuring that our students receive a high-quality placement experience. The educational opportunities offered via our placements at Kingston Education Centre are constantly evolving in order to reflect developments in the delivery of Primary Care locally and nationally. For example, our placement delivery model has been adapted for the 20/21 academic year to include teaching remote consulting skills to reflect the nation-wide move to providing online healthcare appointments, prompted by the coronavirus pandemic. This approach has been praised by our University partners, who have asked us to share details of our new approach so that they can replicate it for their students’ hospital placements.


To secure the future of Primary Care in Kingston by supporting undergraduate training  

Kingston Education Centre

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